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Thread: the grey cloud has come back with avengance

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    the grey cloud has come back with avengance

    HI, I hope someone can help. Ive been taking 20mg cit for 6 years, over the past month Ive been feeling like a have a big grey cloud over me and it wont budge, its making me wonder if the citalopram becomes ineffective after this long taking it or if I need to increase the does. Any advice would be appreciated please as its a slippery slope and I want to do what I can to help myself.
    thank you

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    Re: the grey cloud has come back with avengance

    Hiyer Carol, I've come on your thread to firstly to bump it back up.....before it moves too far down the 'recent posts' page. I don't know much about citalopram, having never taken it, but know two people who do. I think your dose is the starting dose, am I right? So, you have the option to go back to the prescriber and consider increasing, or a change of medication. I am wondering though, has anything changed in your life? Have your hormones changed? Is there anything else you can pinpoint?

    I have heard of anti-depressant tolerance, so I would have thought it a possibility.

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