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Thread: Cold finger tips and toes since taking medication.

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    Cold finger tips and toes since taking medication.

    Hi. I have been taking propranolol for my anxiety since last Saturday. Since then I have been getting cold fingertips and toes. Is this normal symptoms from side effects of taking this type of medication? This is more occasional than constantly throughout the day. My extremities will generally return to "normal" during the day. I did have worries about my heart initially, but now I'm thinking it's just a side effect from the meds.

    I don't know for certain though, so thought I would ask here and put my mind at rest a bit. I have generally suffered from cold feet/toes for a long time now, but never thought anything of it because it's occasional. I think I noticed that sometimes it tends to be more present during days I haven't been as active/been working out. Do you think it would be a good idea to go for a run or something to get the blood pumping more efficiently?

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    Re: Cold finger tips and toes since taking medication.

    Completely normal for propranolol, yes - I've had it myself.

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    Re: Cold finger tips and toes since taking medication.

    Before I clicked on this I thought to myself "beta blocker"

    Yes, normal - just wear thicker socks and/or gloves if its bothering you
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