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Thread: IBS or lactose intolerant?

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    IBS or lactose intolerant?

    I complained lots on here about 2 weeks ago due to antibiotics which gave me terrible d* and cramping. As expected...I think it may have had a stain on my guts as I came off them almost 2 weeks ago, after only taking 3 small doses .. I became constipated badly after eating crackers and pasta during the time I was on them and couldnt use the bathroom for DAYS. Finally, after drilling my body with veggies, fruits..etc..I went.. but for the past few days Ive had this horrible painful gas that comes in the mid morning/afternoon..and Ive only noticed it since eating Greek yoghurt..I am trying to eat less sugar so decided to go down the fruit yoghurt side of things but is this a lactose response? I also had a latte today after the yoghurt and my stomach turned... or is it IBS? Weirdly some days I'll be name it..but this week my stomach has been very angry and "loose". ugh

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    Re: IBS or lactose intolerant?

    There's no way to answer that really. Keep a food journal and see if its a pattern. You can't determine that from having a dodgy stomach a few times, especially after stomach issues from meds. I know, when I had to take two monster antibiotics for ten days, it was a good three weeks to a month until things returned to normal.

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