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Thread: I'm really worried about my!

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    Unhappy I'm really worried about my!

    I've been doing so well and trying really hard to ignore all my physical symptoms.

    And i'm trying really hard to quit my reassurance seeking behaviours but this one is just too overwhelming that I need help nagivating how to deal with it.

    A few days ago I noticed a fullness feeling in my chest where my heart is. I thought i felt a few palpatations (i'm prone to these) but when i check my pulse, my rhythm feels 'normal'. However my beats keep going weak and i almost feel like my heart is in my throat.

    I am really struggling to describe exactly how this feels but it basically just feels like something is up with my heart.

    I've had ECG's all normal. I had an echocardiogram and 24hr Holter monitor in 2012 which just showed ectopic's so i put it to bed and stopped worrying about my heart but now with this episode it's come back full circle and i'm really concerned something is wrong.

    I have a GP appointment next thursday but i'm terrified I will just drop down dead before then and i'm weighing up what to do?

    I'm scared I have like fluid build up around the heart or that something is blocked and my heart pumping is off. Would I know if either of these things were the case?

    I'm trying to rationalise and use all my CBT tools but nothing is working because I just keep thinking that it's entirely possible for me to have developed a heart issue since my last tests.

    Really really struggling
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    Re: I'm really worried about my!


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    Re: I'm really worried about my!

    Having had a read about the subject, it seems pain, weakness, difficulty breathing, lightheadedness and coughing would be symptoms of fluid build-up.

    It also muffles the heart sound, so if you can get someone to listen to your heart by putting their ear against your chest and compare the sound level to someone else's heart, you can can maybe relax a bit if they sound about the same.

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    Re: I'm really worried about my!

    Hi, this sounds like HA to me. I regularly get weird sensations around my heart, palpitations, murmurs, vibrations and the odd pain, but itís all anxiety, muscle pain or heartburn. Like you Iíve had an ECG and had nothing come up, at no GP would sign you off if they were even slightly worried it was something more severe. Fluid near your heart etc, if even possible would give you severe symptoms, not just a fullness or palpitation. Feeling faint, etc is all classic HA. Iím sure youíre fine, think positive thoughts and good luck with the GP who Iím sure will say the same in a few days

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