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Thread: Worried about ectopics

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    Worried about ectopics

    have had palpitations since I was 11 or 12 or so . Never had any reason for them other than anxiety . I have had a 72 hour monitor , a 24 hour monitor, an echo , a stress test , dozens of ECGs and all normal except for sinus tachycardia , PVCs and PACs (apparently more of the latter) . GP says these are totally normal .

    I find them terrifying as Iím scared with each time Iíll collapse. I have gradually stopped doing anything that triggers them . I avoid laughing , exercising, big meals . Even just standing up and walking to the toilet . Anything that causes adrenaline or an increase in my heart rate I find I get another one and I panic .

    Iíve had short runs of 3-5 before . Most recent a fortnight or so ago, 111 sent an ambulance round who said normal ecg and no worries.

    My first panic attack was in a building with a defib and I think itís become an obsession . A relative of mine got told he has inherited condition too and thatís frightened me as well . Cardiologist told me they arenít concerned as my tests normal . But online it says that condition needs an MRI (ARVC)

    Iím aware a major part of the problem is anxiety and possibly Iím not fit enough with having stopped exercise but I am spending 24/7 panicking . I donít know how to reassure myself . Iím hardly living now because Iím so scared 24/7 :-(

    If thereís any reassurance at all would really appreciate it :-(
    Present fears are less than horrible imaginings.
    William Shakespeare
    - What you fear in your head is not always true -
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    Re: Worried about ectopics

    Have you received any treatment for your anxiety at all? I think this would be a logical next step.

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    Re: Worried about ectopics

    I have , but years and years ago . Iím on mirtazapine , just started a week ago - but have had a lot of therapy in the past . Various events triggered it all back off .

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    Re: Worried about ectopics

    It might be worth looking into talking therapies just to help top up your coping strategies - I tend to find I need therapy every so often just to keep me properly functional. Bear in mind that the mirtazapine may take a while to work, too.

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    Re: Worried about ectopics

    Hi Daisy,

    Iíve had a very similar experience to you. Very much heart rate/rhythm focused anxiety.

    Iíve had all sorts of tests like you with only anxiety diagnosed. Lots of PVCís caught on ecgs but never has a doctor been concerned.

    The ectopics were probably my big worry to start with as I had never had them before. The only thing I can tell you to try and ease the worry is that I found if I donít think about them for an extended period of time, they disappear. I actually had a week without them while I was relatively calm.

    I was where you are right now and I promise you it will ease. Iím still nowhere near back to my old self but am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel and you will too.



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