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Thread: Advice regarding my brother - Catching a psychotic episode early?

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    Advice regarding my brother - Catching a psychotic episode early?

    Hi, just looking for some advice regarding my brother

    I'll make it short 2014 my brother had his first episode and he was sectioned, he was under a lot of stress and he was currently living with his girlfriend, the stress was because his girlfriend was an alcoholic and she nearly died he came out of hospital but for a year never took his meds and was sectioned a year later (end of 2015) as his girlfriend nearly died yet again, sadly his girlfriend did pass away xmas 2015 but he was on his meds and he has never since been sectioned or shown signs of an episode and has been on his meds ever since. We recently found out had stopped taking his meds and we had noticed symptoms we were worried about. When he had his first two episodes he was having all the symptoms, hallucinations etc and thoughts about dead relatives being alive and he was completely disconnected with reality.

    We noticed on Wednesdy how he was acting and he has had stress at work. He's current symptoms are:

    Struggling to concentrate
    Struggling to sleep but not every night
    Stressed due to work
    He also seems not always focused when having a conversation

    He has admitted he has felt slighting different since coming off his meds but has said he has no strange thoughts or hearing voice/seeing things etc so we feel we have caught it early. (We hope)

    He has started back on his meds (Olazapine 7.5mg) on Wednesday. He still has the current symptoms but they seem to come and go and are mainly there during the day time while he is working. Have we caught it early or even though we got him back on his meds could he still have to be sectioned? Can these episodes be treated early or does it always get worse?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Advice regarding my brother - Catching a psychotic episode early?

    Hello! If your brother is back on treatment, then thatís a good sign. Does he have a support worker? Mental health trusts will always want to support someone in the community for as long as safe to do so, so it might be worth seeing what further outpatient support he can receive. Sectioning will happen if your brother becomes a risk to himself or others, but he definitely seems like he is willing to seek help by going back on his meds.

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    Re: Advice regarding my brother - Catching a psychotic episode early?

    Thank you for the reply Katie.

    Yes he is back on treatment but still showing a few symptoms but I guess it will take a while to help just like all medications.

    He stopped seeing his local health team about a year ago but he's been fine ever since.

    The last two times he was always in denial and would never admit anything was wrong but this time he has thanked us for helping him and admitted his head has been racing so hopefully it will go no further.

    My anxiety is so bad about it though and just feel like running away but I need to be here to help everyone.

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    Re: Advice regarding my brother - Catching a psychotic episode early?

    I remember this Shaun. It was certainly traumatic for all involved. I understand what you're feeling as my wife's illness (NMDA Receptor Autoimmune Encephalitis) started with psychotic behaviors. Shes doing SO much better but to this day I'm on high alert for unusual behaviors. She gets exams and things are well but still...

    You're hyper vigilant and its understandable but he's being looked after. As was said, it takes a bit for the meds to kick in so hang in there. Having been there before, you'll know deep down if something is really amiss and you have an open line of communication.

    Positive thoughts
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    Re: Advice regarding my brother - Catching a psychotic episode early?

    Shaun, I remember the 3nd episode as you had a thread about that. I can't remember hearing bis GF had passed away in the end so sorry to hear that. And perhaps the fact he has been able to deal with something so emotionally intense is a credit to him and his treatment? Anyone could unravel under that kind of pressure let alone someone in his position.

    You've caught it early and they will be monitoring him until he is sorted again, and for some time afterwards I would imagine. The Olanzapine is a just going to take a little bit of time to reach steady-state but it will be doing something at least for now to help him and he obviously has a good family around him looking out for his welfare.
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