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Thread: The Wide Awake Club

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    Re: The Wide Awake Club

    Quote Originally Posted by pulisa View Post
    We came last, Terry! I blame Brexit!
    Those tactical voting Europeans!
    For free Mindfulness resources, please see this thread I have created to compile many sources together

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    Re: The Wide Awake Club

    Hi, I also sympathise as not sleeping is the pits! I've had bad insomnia, for over 30 years, starting when I first had depression. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (overactive immune system) so my brain often can't rest even though I'm not worried or thinking about anything in particular. I find the best way of getting some sleep is to get up early, do some exercise like walking and keep busy throughout the day so I get tired. If I teach for 4 days in a row then I'm quite tired and definitely sleep better. I try to resist taking meds for sleep but sometimes it's necessary for a few days.

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