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Thread: Bony section behind right ear larger than the left

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    Bony section behind right ear larger than the left

    Hey all, yet another HA sufferer here for about 5 years now, however spent the last 12 months almost free from it, until it found its way back (external trigger - someone close to me just got cancer)

    Anyway, I've been having some ongoing issues in my neck area (muscle tension, tension headaches etc) and as of late i was massaging the area up my near and behind my ear i found it to be larger on the right

    Its not protruding like a lymph node (pea, or bump) or anything its rock hard and feels bony in nature, larger area type thing, the concern is that it is larger than that on the left tho and the shape is more pronounced.

    I am trying to rationale it with
    - had a very recent full blood work up and it was clear
    - the body, and in particular the scalp is not symmetrical by any means, some things on one side can be larger than on others
    - Ive probably always had it
    - I do have muscle inflammation in the neck leading up to that area, may be related
    - i do have a cold/sore throat, and right inner ear is a little sore (sorta like an ear infection sore, but only mild)

    I started to feel somewhat better about it. and then i went to the DR for another reason and got him to check it, he now wants a head/skull base MRI done, I asked why and he said hes not concerned but wants to check out the nature of the area <- this raised the HA 10 fold

    Reading up (i know i shouldn't DR google, We all know that but......its... so tempting it seems that it be normal, not so bad through to the big C.

    Some things i could relate to symptom wise are
    - occipital neuralgia
    - Mastoiditis

    What might put my mind at rest is are there any others on here with the same ? do you feel a larger bumpy bone behind one ear?, from what i read its the mastoid area, but Dr describes it as a "Prominent posterior right occipital bone"

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    Re: Bony section behind right ear larger than the left

    lol the doctor jumping straight to MRI would have freaked me out too, but at least he doesn't just fob you off, and you will have a definitive answer soon. He also said he's not concerned, so that's a positive.

    I've got a huge lump on my head, not exactly where yours is, but it is golf ball size and I have most likely had it my whole life, but only "discovered" it myself as an adult. The doctor felt it and said it was just the shape of my head, so hopefully same thing happens to you.

    When is your MRI?
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    Re: Bony section behind right ear larger than the left

    Yeah its annoying, but in a way good to get it out of the way and put mind at ease when the results are clear!!

    MRI is in a few days so not a long wait

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    Re: Bony section behind right ear larger than the left

    Good luck, let us know how you get on. I'm sure you'll be fine.

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    Re: Bony section behind right ear larger than the left

    Bony section behind right ear larger than the left

    We're asymmetrical by nature.

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    Re: Bony section behind right ear larger than the left

    Hey all,

    Just wanted to give you an update, MRI was had, and mostly it seems fine, well at least i think it is - i think the DR made me feel more anxious about it, context;

    Got it done, picked up report, from what read it looked pretty good, mentions sinusitis, thats about it! easy fixed i feel!, I then go to DR anyway for follow up, they re-read it, going through it with me pointing out its fine, except for the sinusitis which they will treat, but then get to the last paragraph that says

    "Some calcification at the external occipatal proturbulance yada yada"....... it then says "this is a normal finding" <---- so i should read this as normal! to which i did, BUT it then goes on to say "No convincing abnormality of occipatal bone found, IF there is ongoing clinical concern a CT of the brain would be of value to evaluate bony calvarium"

    DR reads this whole last part and starts to say i need a CT now, i then advise i have HA and was known to get unnecessary tests in the past and that i wanted to be stronger than that and not get them if i really done need to, I asked them, are we sure we need a CT of the brain now, can we re-read the report together, so he does, then reads the part about it being a normal finding and suggests they are happy to leave it for now. he said bumps to the head can cause this to happen (i guess i bumped back of my head many times growing up being a bit of a dare devil)

    Anyway i leave the DR feeling, somewhat worse from an anxious point of view, of course, HA kicks in and cant just read the "this is a normal finding" instead, i just fixate on "needs a CT of the brain"

    What makes it worse is, of course, there is now pain at the back/top of my skull on the left <- im not even sure if this is the location mentioned on the report lol but suddenly, since leaving the DR there is a sharp pain occuring non stop!! gosh i hate this HA gig

    Anyway, seeking a bit of reassurance, that its really not worth subjecting my brain to radiation since they say its a normal finding, and they merely only suggest a CT IF there is an ongoing concern

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    Re: Bony section behind right ear larger than the left

    Sounds like you've handled this perfectly sensibly. There's clearly no concern, be happy and enjoy your life.

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