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    Stomach tightness?

    Hello All!

    Iím two weeks into sertaline now and have mostly had nausea as a side effect but I also have a really strange sensation in my lower stomach - like a tightness which makes breathing out feel really laboured?! I just canít relax my stomach muscles.

    Is this utterly bizarre or something people have experienced?!

    Thank you!!

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    Re: Stomach tightness?

    Hi Katie

    I experienced this whilst on Sertraline it was horrendous. I didnt sleep for 3 days straight so i went back to the doctors and they prescribed me Citalopram.

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    Re: Stomach tightness?

    Thanks so much for replying! It is horrendous! Itís not even a case of Ďmind over matterí - I just canít relax my lower stomach!

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    Re: Stomach tightness?

    The pain in your stomach may be caused by the nausea?

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