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Thread: sertraline drowsiness does it end? :(

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    sertraline drowsiness does it end? :(

    I've been on sertraline for about 2 and a half weeks now, and it makes me so drowsy that I have to take it at night. the drowsiness is actually making my mood much worse. please tell me this horrid depressing drowsiness goes away. I need a med that lifts my energy and mood, and doesn't turn me into a lazy, tired, depressed slug :(

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    Re: sertraline drowsiness does it end? :(

    Two and a half weeks is still very early in the treatment process. It can be up to six/eight weeks before there's improvement.

    You're doing the right thing by taking it at bedtime if you're finding its causing drowsiness.

    There are two polar opposites on the spectrum; patients that have insomnia (it can be severe, some only get an hour a night) and then there's others which get a bit "zombified" and are tired all the time, and feel they need more sleep even if they've had a full nights sleep. This should pass.

    Benzos have the notorious effect of a "paradoxical reaction", e.g. they cause what they're meant to prevent. So someone who is prescribed temazepam for insomnia will actually experience increased alertness, worse insomnia etc. They act like a stimulant rather than a sedative in that scenario.

    Persist for the time being - and avoid anything which could make your drowsiness worse:
    * Avoid other drugs which could cause drowsiness e.g. antihistamines. IGNORE THIS if the drug in question is prescribed by your doctor and must be taken every day e.g. anti-epileptics etc.
    * Try and stick to a regular sleep routine and practice good sleep hygiene (see this article)
    * Although caffeine and sugar can offer a temporary boost in energy, the "crash" after is often worse, so try and avoid these altogether

    Good luck
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    Re: sertraline drowsiness does it end? :(

    Depressingly- I actually preferred it when these gave me severe insomnia when I was on them years ago- because by the time the insomnia settled- I had loads of energy. this time round it's making my depression worse and turning me into a total slug. I can't cope with this for much longer. I've started to have thoughts about hurting myself due to the severe somnolence.

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    Re: sertraline drowsiness does it end? :(

    I changed to Lexapro because the Sertraline was so bad.
    Everyone's different so what worked for me may not work for you.
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    Re: sertraline drowsiness does it end? :(

    what was it about the sertraline that you didn't get on with? Xxx

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