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Thread: Kids with stomach problem

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    Kids with stomach problem

    At the moment Iím really stressing over my 2 kids. 3+5. Theyíve both had funny bowel and tummy problems over the last 3 weeks.
    My eldest started with constipation and now he canít stop going every time he eats he gets a sore tummy and passes a lot of loose Pensil thin mushy stool. My youngest has not had constipation but had a ďsore tummyĒ and passing a lot more looser stools on and off over the last 3 weeks. There has been no change In diet, no holidays and no sickness. Iím worried sick that one of them if not both have Wilms tumour as thatís what Iv been reading about. We will be at the GP tomorrow but for now any help would be very much appreciated. Iíd also like to add they are passing urine, eating and playing well.

    Thanks x

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    Re: Kids with stomach problem

    They'll be seeing the doctor tomorrow and otherwise you say they've been Ok. It's just one more day. it'll be fine.

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