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Thread: Please help-- stiff muscles

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    Please help-- stiff muscles

    Hi everyone,

    I started taking Fluoxetine about a week ago and it's been alright. But my muscles have been super tight and stiff, very noticeably so. Last night I happened to notice in the print-out for the medication that "muscular rigidity" was a serious symptom where you should stop taking. Am I over-reacting or is this a serious side-effect? I get bad health anxiety so I'm kind of freaking out right now.

    Thank you for any help you could provide!!!

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    Re: Please help-- stiff muscles

    Hiyer Lamour,

    I know this post is quite a while ago, but was wondering if you had managed to deal with the symptoms you were getting. If I'd have seen this at the time I would have suggested getting in touch with the medication prescriber, and going through the situation with them and asking for their assessement.

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