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Thread: How my brain messes up my heart 🤷🏼*♀️

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    How my brain messes up my heart 🤷🏼*♀️

    Hi all. Iíve been on and off this forum over the last few years but was genuinely in a better place with my HA. Less freaking out, more meh itís probablt fine.
    BUT! My lovely friendly brain (&#128580 has decided it wants a new thing to worry about. So now that Iím ok when my heart rate is faster itís decided to latch on to the times it is slower..... actually canít believe that I am worrying about this 🤦🏼*♀️
    So I have an Apple Watch, had a HR Fitbit before hand and I have always had a reading in the 40ís during the day several times a month.... and it sits low, sometimes in the 50ís when Iím sat still watching tv sometimes.
    But this last week Iíve been stressing myself that the 40ís readings mean my heart is failing. Which then sets off body scanning and deciding that I actually feel tired or fatigued etc.
    I know other people who have readings that low occasionally and I know that itís been like this the whole time I have had a HR watch (4 years) so why canít I shake it off this week?
    Itís so frustrating because I have been generally doing great for months, Iíve been helpin a couple of friends with their anxiety and health anxiety and been able to squish any odd thoughts before they fully take hold.
    I know the first thing will be to say not to have the HR on and I do switch it off when Iím feeling really bad, but it actually helps me more when Iím stressing about it all. Also I can get s rough idea what my HR is from feeling my pulse (I have that much practise &#128514.
    I just wish I could stop the heart fear. I think all of this stems from my granda being suddenly and pretty traumatically when I was 9, which then set my dad off into a breakdown. I was always a bit of a worrier but it really
    Solidified into health based by the time I started secondary school at 12.
    I used to worry that I had an aneurysm, or bleed on my brain, because my grandad died from that. Until I was in my mid 20ís and found out that he had an aortic aneurysm which is when I switched to be main fear being my heart. Iíve been checked out (including a 3am ambulance ride 2 1/2 years ago) and sometimes Iím fine and donít worry and can exercise and others i am utterly convinced that my heart is about to fail and I am about to collapse and die.
    Doesnít help that I live on my own so figure if anything happened no one would know 🤦🏼*♀️
    Haha sorry for the huge post! Think I needed to let it out!

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    Re: How my brain messes up my heart 🤷🏼*♀️

    A heart rate in the 50s is low, but if it's in a rest period and you do regular exercise (particularly endurance exercise) it isn't a cause for concern. As you have a Fitbit, I'm assuming you do. If not, then ​you should get to a doctor.

    I'm in the same boat with regards to the origin of HA: a grandmother died relatively young because she didn't go to the doctors with her symptoms, and it's lodged deep within my brain (triggering myself, because **** HA) that every little thing is a cause for panic and an appointment. Obviously, that isn't true, and most of the time even things that can be symptoms of serious diseases are totally benign. It always feels like not panicking is to take too much of a risk.

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