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Thread: Five days

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    Five days

    Hi, I've been on Sertaline for five days now and the side effects so far have been pretty awful to be honest. I feel perpetually anxious all the time and I have had some awful panic attacks that seem to happen a few times a day, I also have a really bad feeling of breathlessness/blurry vision/nausea. It feels so overwhelming and horrible, the breathing thing is a symptom I've had for years but feels much worse, like I have to gasp for air or something. I was put on sertaline for anxiety. I don't think I can continue on them because these effects are way too much to handle for me, particularly feeling really out of breath.

    Thanks, sorry for negative post, just wanted to get it out and ask advice.

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    Re: Five days

    Hi Spitefultriful,

    It's all normal. It usually gets worse before it gets better and side effects can be bad for around 2 weeks. By which time they start to fade. I know exactly how you're feeling. I'm about 7 weeks taking 100mg and I'm feeling so much better. Still have acrophobia which sucks but I'm not having panic attacks or HA as much and if they do happen I can control them easily.

    Hang in there.

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    Re: Five days

    Hey I second what wired says. Been 16 days for me. It does get better and I know right now you probably feel like throwing in the towel but stick at it. Honestly it does pass. Iím updating my thread as I go, sertraline diary if you want to see my time line of the last 15 days. Will update tomorrow and include todayís orogress as too tired tonight. Keep your chin up. It is worth it

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    Re: Five days

    Hi, thanks for the replies. I appreciate it. I'm still pretty hesitant to take it again, and seeing those articles recently about it have really put me off, I've been having some random chest pain recently since taking it, so I don't know about continuing, I know it's probably fine, but it does worry me quite a bit.

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    Re: Five days

    I've been on sertraline for over 4 years now - can confirm that the first couple of weeks are utterly awful, but after that, it settles down. I've had no issues whatsoever with taking it ever since those initial weeks. I hope the negative effects pass for you soon!

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    Re: Five days

    Iím starting to feel better now, about to update my thread. If you can push through the side effects do Cos it will be worth it!

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