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Thread: Flashbacks during meditation.

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    Flashbacks during meditation.

    Does anyone experience this? I know that it can happen, when your mind is still and quiet the trauma is still there underneath waiting to come out. It only seems to happen when I'm not doing good though, so I can only meditate when I'm well. I'm not sure how to deal with this other than to avoid meditating, but I consider it something that keeps me well so I have no clue.
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    Re: Flashbacks during meditation.

    My partner has a very severe form of PTSD called DID, which she is being treated for.

    It has been suggested to her that meditation might not be the best solution for where she is right now, and if you're struggling too it's probably best to avoid it based on how you feel at the time.

    You might try mindfulness instead, which accesses the same parts of the brain and has similar effects, but is a more lucid practice.

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    Re: Flashbacks during meditation.

    Yes, I have Emmer. It always seems to come through for me while meditating. And sometimes when I am falling to sleep. I used to do my meditation while lying down and found the sitting position less intruding of PTSD thoughts.
    Lying down is a very vulnerable position, I think.
    And maybe try meditation outside if you can, even for a short while is effective. x

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