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Thread: 1 x 30mg tablet vs 2 x 15mg tablets

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    1 x 30mg tablet vs 2 x 15mg tablets

    Having been promoted by my GP from 15mg per day to 30mg per day, when collecting my prescription I still had a number of 15mg tablets left.
    Being a thrifty soul, I thought that I would use up the 15mg tablets by the simple expedient of taking two at a time.
    Before I could start that, a holiday intervened. As I didnít have enough 15mg tablets I thought that Iíd just take a box of 30mg tablets to cover the time away, then use up the 15mg tablets on my return.
    So, taking the 30mg tablets on holiday was not an issue. Whereas 15mg would turn me into a stunned mullet within an hour, the 30mg tablet simply mellowed me out. Which is why my dose was increased.
    On returning home, I started on the 15mg tablets with a view to using them up. Took two tablets (ie, 30mg), and within an hour had to retire to my bed where I slept 12 hours.
    Has anyone done the same sort of thing and had a similar result? It was almost like the tablets were working in sequence rather than together.
    Just curious thatís all.
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    Re: 1 x 30mg tablet vs 2 x 15mg tablets

    Quote Originally Posted by sollythegolly View Post
    It was almost like the tablets were working in sequence rather than together.
    ^This is the answer to your question. The vagaries of our gut and metabolism mean that it's very likely tablets will dissolve and elute active drug at differing rates which can cause spikes and/or sudden drops. So you did the right thing taking 30mg tabs on your hol and didn't sleep it away zombified

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    Re: 1 x 30mg tablet vs 2 x 15mg tablets

    Very interesting KK, and your reply makes sense. Perhaps I should dispose of the 15mg tablets and just stick to the 30mg ones.

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