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Thread: IBS question

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    IBS question

    Oy, I just posted a question and somehow deleted it!

    Anyway. I'm trying to figure out if the symptoms I've been having for the past 6-8 months are IBS.

    I first thought they were related to my cycle because the pain I get almost exclusively comes on the last day of my period and extends through ovulation. But my OBGYN thought they were more likely gastrointestinal issues independent of my cycle.

    Many of my symptoms match up with IBS, but there are two that I don't see on any of the descriptions:

    A very tender lower abdomen - not just bad pain and gas, which I have, but my lower abdomen gets extremely tender to the touch. I don't have to press hard (though if I do it's very painful!), just sudden movements, going over bumps in the car, or coughing illicit pain.

    And second, when this pain is at its worst my lower abdomen can feel very firm, particular from my pubic bone up towards my belly button, which I assume is my colon. Are these colon spasms? This happens particularly when I've skipped a bowel movement for a day, but happened yesterday when I had been pretty regular.

    So my question is, does anyone get a tender, form abdomen from IBS? I'm so frustrated with these symptoms because they definitely affect my quality of life at this point. They usually only last about a week each month, but even that is a huge bummer.

    My anxiety has been very well under control for many months now, so I don't think that's having a huge effect. The only thing I can think of is that I will feel slightly more anxiety right before my period, so perhaps that's affecting my digestive system and resulting in the symptoms started a few days later.

    Any insight is appreciated!!

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    Re: IBS question


    I was just at my doctor for my yearly exam and we addressed the many physical issues I've been having, one of which has been irregularity. I haven't had 'normal' bowels since my cancer. Between the treatment, the meds, the stress etc. its been all over the place. I've had all the symptoms talked about here and then some. Lately, due to life changes and circumstances, the stresses of life have been magnified and that's resulted in more digestive issues.

    When I went through the symptoms and answered questions from my doctor, he affirmed my suspicions by saying it certainly sounded like IBS and reiterated all the things talked about here. The relationship between the mind and the gut, diet etc. all play a role. When I was in my 20's I had some issues and I remember getting all the tests and such. They called it "overactive digestive system" back then which is essentially IBS.

    I've mentioned that both my wife and myself suffer from GERD and we've been taking a PPI for years. My wife in-particular has become very sensitive to foods over the last 5-6 years. We follow the FODMAP diet but when we stray too far off?... Ouch! We had something we shouldn't have over the weekend and her stomach got all bloated and both of us were drinking Mylanta to quell the acid. Both of us had to run to the bathroom later if you know what I mean

    So yeah, it can manifest itself many ways. As far as not feeling anxious? You know my campfire analogy. The answers are there. Its a matter of putting them into practice.

    Positive thoughts
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    Re: IBS question

    Thanks, Fishmanpa! I just made an appointment to see my GP on Friday since it's been well over a year since my last checkup.

    I haven't tried an elimination diet, but I know I definitely should. I just took a peak at the FODMAP list and saw watermelon on the avoid list.... in the past week or so my family of 3 has consumed 3 giant watermelons, soooo... that could be one of the culprits! But, this does come on very cyclically so who knows.

    The anxiety campfire analogy is very relevant right now and I very much do not want this to provide any kindling! I know the brain-gut connection can go both ways also and don't want an increase in my stomach issues to spark an increase in my anxiety and start that vicious cycle up again.

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