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Thread: Should I go or am I being silly?

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    Re: Bowel Cancer home test

    My husband has terrible ibs (they canít find a cause for any of it so they diagnosed ibs) he bleeds regularly. Sometimes red sometimes dark blood. He has terrible stomach cramps and his stools are always loose. He spends huge amounts of time on the toilet bless him. He hasnít got bowel cancer though even though he has all the symptoms. Stress aggravates his tenfold.

    Its not uncommon to have bouts of ibs with anxiety and depression.

    I too have worried non stop for stop for two years now about terminal cancer. My current obsession since xmas is my breasts but mainly my right as Iím getting more pain and shoulder pain. I canít find any lumps but itís so hard not to spiral. I have found my anxiety has caused me so many physical pains and symptoms.

    My counselor told me she had to drop out part way through her degree as she had awful back pain that spiralled and they couldnít really find a cause after mri scans. She said it consumed her and she was on seriously strong meds. Her physio lady suggested it could all be in her head which she hadnít thought of and with in a week the pain had gone. Her point being anxiety over pain and issues can cause false pain and problems xx

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    Re: Bowel Cancer home test

    Stomach bugs do cause weird coloured poo. I have one at the moment. My poo is yellow

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    Should I go or am I being silly?

    I just wondered if some of my symptoms are worth a doctor visit, like would a normal person go or is it just my anxiety playing up - itís so hard to know if your being rational and itís worth a visit!

    Symptoms that come and go
    Right side sharp chest pain normally when I turn a certain way or something
    I have had 2 incidences of bleeding when passing a stool, Iíve been to the doc about these already and they didnít seem concerned, 1 was hemorrhoids when I was pregnant and one was passing a large stool with lots of pain
    Had a tummy bug, waves of sickness and clay colour stools - this has now gone - I have a kid at nursery.... he brings back everything

    Symptoms I have atm
    Gas pains a lot (maybe an allergy, food intolerance thatís come on?)
    Feeling of something being just inside my bottom ... Iíve presumed this is an internal hem until now

    I did do a home bowel cancer test and it came back negative - not sure how accurate they are

    Just wondering if me thinking my anxiety is bad is making me be not as cautious as I should be ... or if Iím just being silly !

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    Re: Should I go or am I being silly?

    Honestly, I'd leave it a few weeks. Nothing here that would send me to the GP (although to be fair, I once dodged medical help despite a broken elbow so I may not be best placed to judge)

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    Re: Should I go or am I being silly?


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