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    Relapsing depression and anxiety

    Iím really struggling right now. Iíve suffered from depression and anxiety for about 20yrs now and usually it can be brought under control using meds but nothing seems to be working anymore. I have become increasingly worse since December. I find no joy in anything anymore, everything seems so pointless and I am losing hope of ever getting better. I feel like I am shutting down.

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    Re: Relapsing depression and anxiety

    Have you tried something like mindfulness? And exercise? Maybe go to your doctor about talking therapies. Do you have a close friend you can talk to ? Depression is a terrible thing and I know how you feel xx

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    Re: Relapsing depression and anxiety

    Thanks for your reply Phuzella. Iíve tried exercising, Iíve been going to the gym most days. I had talking therapy and if anything it made me feel worse talking about the past. I think CBT might be helpful but there are long waiting lists. I feel like the new meds Iím on have made the anxiety worse and not really lifted the depression at all. My psychiatrist has mentioned adding other meds to help this one work but I donít want to be Ďzombifiedí I would rather sort the root cause. How have you been treating your depression? xx

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    Re: Relapsing depression and anxiety

    Exercise is often very useful, although I found in the past that heavy exercise in a gym can be counter productive to a stressed system. Light weights, sure. More than that.....more stress. The best exercise would be walking in nature, among trees, fields and wildlife, it makes a difference.

    Agree with you on the therapy. I don't hold much value in talk therapy, I believe it does more harm than good in a lot (but not all) of cases.

    I used to suffer with depression when I had anxiety. I wouldn't say it was crippling depression, but probably a 7/10 on the shitometer, and sometimes lasting a few weeks. The thing that nailed it for me was meditation. Mindfulness and meditation work hand in hand. I would recommend the book 'Mindfulness' by Mark Williams. It's a really simple insight into why we feel the way we do these days, with simple exercises that you can do to help alleviate the feelings. I practiced meditation for 12-18 months and it completely cured my depression and removed 95% of my anxiety.

    I've never taken meds.

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    Re: Relapsing depression and anxiety

    Thank you for your advice. Iím very interested in trying meditation and mindfulness. It is very hard for me to stay focused on anything without panicking. Would I be able to meditate? Itís encouraging to hear it has worked for you!

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