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Thread: Anxiety and Bowel Cancer Scare

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    Anxiety and Bowel Cancer Scare

    It's been a while since that I've been here.

    I'm 33 years old...about to turn 34 in a few weeks.

    Been under severe stress due to cold turkeying my anti-depressant and having crazy withdrawal symptoms. I have diagnoses of Anxiety Disorders (General and Health Anxiety/hypochondria), Major Depression, and Pure OCD.

    At the moment, the symptoms have moved to my G.I. area.

    I've previously been diagnosed with IBS.

    Over the last months, I've been having abdominal cramps and aches that move around my abdomen.

    Constipated gas.

    Lower back pains

    Passing mucous, once in a while I see some red tinge in the mucous.

    Then, thin constipated stools or it switches to diarrhea.

    Previously I've had hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

    This morning, I was constantly pooping thin stools.

    Then, later on, I barely passed a thin movement but my toilet bowl was full bright blood. I freaked out and went to the ER thinking I've developed Bowel Cancer.

    I was checked and typical blood work came back normal.

    They, did some test were they inserted a finger up my rectum to check for blood and came positive. When he did that, I felt some pain.

    Though, the Nurse said that he didn't feel any internal hemorrhoids or see anal fissures. I was shocked that he didn't see an anal fissure since I feel a severe burning sensation, and gash like feeling.

    He said that I should go to a G.I. specialist to get a colonoscopy for peace of mind.

    I already did an appointment to see my primary to refer me to a specialist.

    I went home and took a piece of toilet paper were I feel the burning and gash like sensation and there was a thin line of blood, then I keep cleaning, there were little drops, then nothing.

    I don't know what to think. Is the blood coming from a hidden tear in my anus or something from inside my colon.
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    Re: Anxiety and Bowel Cancer Scare


    Woke up this morning and had mixed normal bowel movement some flat, then regular rounded long movement. However I do feel severe irritation and gash like feeling around my anus. So, it seems the blood did came from that area.

    I'm feeling somewhat nauseous. Perhaps it's my anxiety taking advantage of me.

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    Re: Anxiety and Bowel Cancer Scare

    Well it won't be cancer causing the blood if you can feel a gash like pain

    Even if it's not from a fissure the chances of it being cancer are low since you're under 50, it could just be a benign polyp that may need removing AT WORST, not saying that it is a polyp, the pain indicates a fissure. But yes get the colonoscopy to put the worry to bed!

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    Re: Anxiety and Bowel Cancer Scare


    Went to the Dr.'s.

    My primary's colleague treated me since she was booked.

    I told him my symptoms and my previous IBS/Anxiety disorder diagnoses and what had happened yesterday.

    He suspects that its just the fissure as I feel the gash and burning sensation. Though, recommended me to get myself checked with a specialist to bring peace of mind since he noticed I was a emotional wreck.

    He mentioned that the gut and brain are rather complex interconnected system and suspects its just my anxiety taking advantage of me.

    The head Dr came in, and looked over the records the hospital had, and with my symptoms. They suspect the cut is higher and deeper in the anal area and perhaps that's why the nurse at the hospital didn't see it.

    They asked what had helped before to calm my physical and emotional symptoms, and mentioned that it was my antidepressant that had virtually stopped all my symptoms besides the anal cuts/hemms. So, they told me once everything is settled I should go back and take my antidepressant.

    At the end, they want to see me in a month, and referred me with a specialist to discard Chrons and Ulcerrative Collits since they don't suspect this being B.C.
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