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    Has anyone tried Probiotics as I thought I would buy some and try them,I've only just bought them today as I have so much stress in my life at the present,I have IBS c and terrible cramps right in my right ribs,I also take diazepam,amitriptyline and mirtazapine and lisinopril for bp.I'm not really sure when I should take them amongst my other tablets.Any info would be appreciated.

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    Re: Probiotics

    My wife takes a chewable one daily. They certainly can be beneficial for those with gut and digestive problems but as always, check with the pharmacist and/or doctor about interactions with your meds.

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    Probiotics can't interfere with meds for anxiety or blood pressure. The only time to take probiotics at a different time than a medicine is if you're taking antibiotics. Then in this case, taking them opposite times is better.
    Look for probiotics that have either dual encapsulation or extended release. If not, the strains will be lost to your stomach acid and not make it to your intestines.

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