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Thread: Bowel obstruction ?

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    Bowel obstruction ?

    Hi all,

    I am currently on holiday abroad but unable to sleep and spending hours on google ( I know this isnít helping )

    Past few weeks I have been having issues with constipation . As background I do have a case of endometriosis around my bowels ( which was investigated a year or two ago ) but has not affected besides for pain during period.

    Nevertheless the last few nights after eating I have pretty bad bloating , pain and stomach cramps, which get better by the morning . Now I am convinced I have a bowel torsion or obstruction and I am starting to consider whether to go to the hospital . I am able to pass gas but pretty much not passing anything else . I do apologize for TMI.

    I know this might be my health anxiety kicking in but I do feel very uncomfortable and wonder if I am exaggerating .

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    Re: Bowel obstruction ?

    Constipation can just be one of those things that happens, especially with stress.

    How long has it actually been since youíve been to the toilet?

    Positive vibes,


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    Re: Bowel obstruction ?

    I've always found that traveling tends to stop me up moreso than usual. I think the mind shuts down the urge to go sometimes. In general, if this is becoming an "irregular" thing, you can always add a dose of Miralax to your daily diet plan. Worst case, a shot of Milk of Magnesia will clear the pipes.

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    Re: Bowel obstruction ?


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    Re: Bowel obstruction ?

    Thanks for your replies . I go every few days but not a long and I feel very bloated especially in the evenings and at night with pain in my abdomen . I do know I have endometriosis lesions on my liver diaphragm and around my vowels but it seemed like the lesions were controlled these past few years .

    I am just scared these symptoms are a sign there might be a blockage , which I read can be life threatenint

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    Re: Bowel obstruction ?

    I was told by my GP that bowel obstructions cause overflow diarrhoea, which is very watery diarrhoea bursting through any small gaps inbetween/around whatever the obstruction is. So I assume you would have that if you had have an obstruction, alongside VERY BAD pain that is "rush to A&E" "emergency operation" worthy.

    But anxiety, even very subtle health anxiety, can cause constipation and all of those symptoms, because the mind and gut are both very closely linked. Whenever I worry about having bowel cancer, I have bad constipation that can last 2-3 days, but then when I stop worrying, I become regular again.

    I assume you're young, so your chances of bowel cancer are literally like 1/10,000. Try to relax, get off here and Google and enjoy your holiday.

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    Re: Bowel obstruction ?

    Thanks Toby and for taking the time to reply . It does make sense and you are right should there be an obstruction chances are I would be in extreme pain . At the moment the pain is moderate but my abdomen is very distended .

    My issue is that my condition ( endometriosis ) makes my colon stuck to other organs ( liver /abdominal wall) and I am scared that this is the cause and will lead to blockage or perforation . It does happen as I have read many similar cases . My endometriosis was also the cause of my appendicitis 6 years ago .

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