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Thread: Nothing could stop it

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    Nothing could stop it

    Hi, This morning I woke Up with a nocturnal panic attack, it was about 6.15. It went in for nearly two hours and I couldnít stop it. I tried everything I have in place but it went on and on, it occasionally started to improve and then within seconds I was back at square one. I have never had such a bad attack in my life. My husband is away with the army and I have four children to take care of and this morning I was frightened I am anxious at the moment and am taking steps to try and improve it but it was like a freight train. Iím ok now but have felt exhausted all day, I just hate the fact I seem to get them in the night or early mornings. Itís the last place you imagine you should get them.

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    Nothing could stop it

    Itís when Iíve always got them the most, and often I think itís when we feel most vulnerable.

    Nocturnal panic attacks/night terrors are how my anxiety first displayed when I was a child, it was actually many years before I had one during the day.

    Plus I get them every single morning too, itís just part of the routine now really.

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    Re: Nothing could stop it

    Same. I used to suffer very badly with noctornal panic attacks. I have them, but rarely. I noticed they occurred when my Dad was ill, and when my stepdad was ill. I think stress can be a contributor to them. At least for me. They're the worst, but when they occur sip some water, put on the TV and visit NMP and read through other peoples posts. Distract your mind as much as possible. This always helped to calm down much quicker. Or watch some people on Youtube who talk about panic that's also useful.

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