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Thread: Elevated inflammatory markers

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    Elevated inflammatory markers

    Back in December last year I had a blood test that showed very high inflammation markers. Did a repeat test to check a few weeks ago and theyre still high.
    Doc just ordered yet another set of bloods to check for RA and lupus, and said if that comes back clear id Need a full body scan.
    I am absolutely paralyzed with fear right now. My mother died from breast cancer when I was 12 and Ive felt like a ticking time bomb ever since. All my googling points to dire things. I honestly feel like this is it.
    Has anyone else had this and it turned out to be not so serious?

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    Re: Elevated inflammatory markers

    Do you have any symptoms like pain and stiffness? If that's the case, where is it located? Is it your C-reactive protein that's elevated?

    Usually high inflammatory markers would indicate infection or inflammatory disease but even a flu can get them higher.

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    Re: Elevated inflammatory markers


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    Re: Elevated inflammatory markers

    Hi, Im in similar boat, CRP 35, should be <5

    did you get get an answer?

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