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Thread: Flat stools

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    Flat stools

    Hi. Wanted to know if others get those flat stools? I have ibs and get theise ribbon, flat looking stools sometimes. I'm 43yo Male, no weight loss,no blood,etc. But I always see that flat stools mean cc .any insight? Thanks

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    Re: Flat stools

    Nope, this is nonsense, it was debunked ages ago.

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    Re: Flat stools

    Thanks for the response. I appreciate it. I also read it was inaccurate as well ,but also read a tumor can be blocking the passage and that's why its caused to come out thin,flat. Anxiety sucks.

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    Re: Flat stools

    Anyone else have these symptoms? Is it time to get a colonoscopy? Or is my anxiety taking over.

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    Re: Flat stools

    Quote Originally Posted by Searchingforinfo View Post
    Is it time to get a colonoscopy?
    If your flat stools look like this, then definitely time to see the doctor!

    Otherwise, yeah... Your dragon is breathing fire down your neck.

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    Re: Flat stools

    Lol. Mine have a bit more shape than that. Thanks for the laugh though

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    Re: Flat stools

    I had a pretty big polyp close to the exit, my stools where normal shaped still, but i did have a lot of blood. so I don't think you should worry.

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    Re: Flat stools

    Ok thanks for the reply. I've started taking metamucil, and they have been normal ish. Lately 👍👍

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