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Thread: Rabid Rabbits?

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    Rabid Rabbits?

    what is up nomorepanic gang

    yet another member of the legions of online hypochondriacs here to make a thread about this stuff

    anyways, to begin:

    I work on a farm in the Northeastern United States, and I've had hypochondria for a while. It's strawberry season where I work, and because of this, I've been outside much more than normal farmwork permits, with extra hours and all that. Usually that wouldn't be an issue, and the strawberries are coming in perfect this season...but this day was different. When I went to go grab a flat box (holds 8 quarts), I noticed that the middle section that separates the box in two wasn't right, so I went to fix it. Bad idea?

    I felt something brush up against my finger, and to be honest I don't really remember if it was the box, a bite, a scratch, or just the thing brushing up on me. I found 1-2 cuts/marks on my finger, and this is what got me.

    Anyways, I found a baby rabbit.

    I'm assuming that the baby rabbit was picked up by one of the other workers and placed there earlier today (after all, rabbits don't go hopping into boxes like that unless they're magical or something).

    Now, despite me getting OVERWHELMINGLY better at handling my hypochondria, especially that about rabies (I came across a stray dog but nothing happened, 0 actual physical contact and the dog wasn't aggressive) this time was different seeing as I actually came into physical contact with the animal.

    The rabbit is small, definitely a runt or a baby or something and it's been pretty lethargic (which is apparently a sign of rabies in rabbits). I captured it and put it in a box, gave it some food and water, and as of now it's sitting in my house and me and my family are waiting for any symptoms to develop. I also have an appointment with my doctor planned out.

    I won't lie, I feel kinda bad for it seeing as it's a baby and probably scared shitless, but at the same time I don't want to really take any risks.

    Here are pictures I took: (Finger Scratches) (more finger) (Rabbit) (Rabbit) (more rabbit)

    I get that I'm probably overreacting, but still. Who better to consult while I wait for my doctor appointment than you guys?
    Rabies scares the shit out of me.

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    Re: Rabid Rabbits?

    Quote Originally Posted by WhyIsItAllSoSpooky View Post
    I get that I'm probably overreacting...
    Probably? Unless it was acting like this.....

    I don't think you have to concern yourself...

    Positive thoughts
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