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    Deep ache in back very painful

    I have such a bad deep ache in my mid/lower back and Iím stressing to death over it, I used to get a similar yet milder pain with periods but I donít have periods anymore because Iím on the Depo (do you get the pain anyway?) but itís defo worse, Iím bloated as well and gassy. Iím stressing over bowel cancer mainly but Iíve discovered from the forum and google ovarian cancer can also cause these symptoms, the GP never takes me seriously because of HA but Iím going to try and talk to them - Iíve left it like 2 months hoping it will get better and seen a chiropractor but itís got worse :(
    Iíve also had an abnormal smear end of last year but it was CIN1 changes and they leave that one year to see if it corrects itself - any advice? Anyone had this back pain before?

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    Re: Deep ache in back very painful

    Hi Gee,
    I'm sorry ur not feeling too well. I also used to get period pains in my back and i would continue to get the symptoms around the time i was due on even though my periods had stopped being on the depo.
    I'm sorry i have no advice on the screening results but i would deffo get back to the drs and get them to check you over.
    x mmm

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    Re: Deep ache in back very painful

    Thanks! My back seems to of got a lot better since I started doing the exercises the physio gave me x

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