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Thread: Burns after Peeing. Infection or Irritation?

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    Angry Burns after Peeing. Infection or Irritation?

    So when I pee, it doesn't really burn, just maybe a little bit to notice. But after im done, it burns a more and I really notice it. If I leave it alone then the burning will go away soon after, but if I touch it or squeeze the shaft, it hurts a lot and I irritate it a ton. Then it takes longer to settle down. Also, if I mess with it later after peeing, i can irritate it a little.

    My pee color is perfect, and my penis looks fine. I have no discharge and leftover pee looks clear. 4 days ago, I went mountain biking and hit the area between my anus and scrotum quite hard on the seat. This is when the burning started. But it burns from the base of my shaft to close to the tip so I don't understand. 6 days ago I had really bad diarrhea and got really dehydrated. I was on the toilet for an hour and a half. I think the more yellow my pee is, the more irritated it gets, but I don't know yet because I haven't paid attention to that as much.

    Any ideas? I haven't seen a doctor yet. I also get headaches all the time.

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    Re: Burns after Peeing. Infection or Irritation?

    No one can really tell you. A doctor would do a urine test to determine an infection.

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    Re: Burns after Peeing. Infection or Irritation?

    I get this from time to time... At least once or twice a year for last decade. It's usually either after masturbation or a new sex partner. No discharge or STDs either. I figure it could be from friction / irritation if forceful masturbation or sex, or the PH of partner or ... well not sure..... I sit in a hot bath, drink a crap-ton of water and after I pee a few times it calms down..

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    Re: Burns after Peeing. Infection or Irritation?

    Same thing as panicface said. After masturbation I feel it sometimes. Try not to masturbate for 4-5 days and see if it goes away.

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