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Thread: 5 year research results

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    Post 5 year research results (update)

    Things I have tried which help:

    belief it or not. just try: call on the healing angels and archangels for healing. Seriously - its wonderful
    Allow yourself to make sound if you need to clear emotion. Find somehwere where you can shout, whoop, shreik, whale and cry, get that anger and emotion out! give yourself permission to make as much noise as possible and move that energy. Beacause this clearing is energetic work.
    where your Focus goes - your energy flows.
    Acupuncture - I really found this beneficial
    time in nature!
    hypnotherapy - find one who has a track record (evidence) of helping others
    headspace app on phone!
    neuro linguistic programming (NLP). find a practitioner
    Magnesium and lemon balm supplements.
    move your body!: its hard to feel depressed if your running etc. The less you move the less you feel.
    gratitude: if you can create this emotion in your body it will make you so happy and eliminate fear. say outloud 'I am sooo greatful for.... even the smallest thing or a memory, family member, nature, animals etc. When your greatful your rich.
    EFT (the tapping solution) Nick Ortner! very relaxing!
    using a diary to vent
    hay house radio online. fantastic
    Book: anita moojani - what if this is heaven? (very good for self love!)
    councelling helps the mind to vent and to feel supported. clear emotions
    Get some energy healing ( the most profound is trance healing!) check out practitioners from the aurther findlay college essex, UK. can be done via skype.
    Actively do tony robbins 'full priming video' on youtube. Lifechanging!!!
    Listen to tony robbins 'hour of power'' on youtube! SERIOUSLY HELPED ME
    Welcome any panic feelings. breath and welcome.
    welcome any thoughts. Keep welcoming untill the thoughts dont want to play the game anymore because your not reacting. regardless of their content - just welcome them. welcome the worst thoughts. you will finally see its just thinking and thinking isnt always right nor is it you.
    Meaning. You cannot control the event but you can control WHAT THINGS MEAN. choose an empowering meaning and this will dictate how you feel. Is this the end or the beggining? doe this mean I will never let this happen again to another, does it mean I choose to be a role model. Or does it mean I blame someone else and have no control.
    medication: citalopram 20mg - 40mg
    youtube guided relaxation, sleep talkdown etc
    natural remedies: hops, valarian, back flower remedies
    reiki healing: i became a master. Easy to do. Find a teacher.
    prayer: very effective and supportive
    meditation: helps relax body and mind
    crystal healing. Will shift emotion
    Tony Robbins: get the edge programme. Anything from this guy is excellent however be careful if manic as you can overdo it. However has saved many of my relationships and helped with my mind and allowed me to cope.
    incantations: similar to affirmations however with more emotional intensity. Litterally saves me mid panic. 'I CAN do this. I WiLL turn this around'. etc.
    exercise. I am limited due to panics, however running and cycling I can do alone which i am happy doing and allows me to burn off stress. add incantations to condition mind at the same time.
    questions: be mindful of questions you ask yourself. consciously choose empowering questions when deppressed. For example how can i turn this around? or how can i really love and value myself? never ask negative questions such as why does this always happen to me or your brain will come up with an answer and that will trigger an emotion.
    focus: the secret key. what we focus on we feel weather its true or not. Consciously say ok what shall I focus on. Do i focus on what i can do right now, do i focus on being a victim, do i focus on helping another. what shall i focus on which will sevrve me. if you dont consciously choose your brain will go into automatic mode and well trodden patterns.
    be aware of thinking. Thinking is not always right! You are not your thoughts. You are the observer of thoughts. TRUST me and research Byron Katie. Check out her youtube videoes and 'the work' free answer sheets on her website. possibly will change someones life. You only suffer when you believe thoughts!!
    enough sleep!
    fruits and veggies!!
    love anyone you blame to experience peace inside YOU. trust me
    forgivness of self and others - helps a LOT
    neil donald walsh - 3 secrests video on youtube! amazing!
    be the source of that which you choose to experiance. You want to feel love, friendship and support. The quickest way. Go out and be love, a friend and support others. you will feel what you want to experiance yourself. trust me!
    learn from the past. be flexible and keep changing approach.
    model others - what do they do. copy it.
    dont push yourself.
    dont care what others think of you.
    always be yourself!
    a romantic relationship can be incredibly supportive and helpful
    genuine friends/family
    95% of your attention needs to be on the solution and what works. Remeber what you focus on you will FEEL
    deep soul - download inner child healing.
    become aware of any decision you made in the past and rectify the consequences of those! watch the video 'reclaiming my true identity - tony robbins' on youtube. LIFE CHANGING!!!
    Accept who you are. dont try and be something your not.
    trust your feelings. feelings are the souls way of communicating. if it feels good and joyful - do that (milk it) If it feels bad (dont do that). regardless of the mind. this is a new way to live. trust your emotional guidance system.
    Abraham Hicks - youtube videos and book 'ask and it is given'
    The samaritans helpline
    be honest with yourself and others. The truth will set you free.
    animal hugs are healing
    a budget planner in microsoft word - helped me a lot to feel in control
    my fitness pal to track food combined with a heart rate monitor, garmin sports watch and garmin connect app. can also use a foot pod and/or bike speed and cadence sensor to assist with exercise.
    if ever genuinely having suicidal thoughts - tell someone immediately!
    if working - try to do a job which matches the kind of person you are. learn more about who you are - your qualities.
    remember everything is a Mirror - things we like and dislike in others are just a refelction of things we like and dislike in ourselves. This goes the same for others. for example if we are homophobic when seeing a gay man it means they are just reflecting back to us any homosexual feelings we have not accepted in ourselves. this means nothing another says about you is personal - its actually all about them. Any issues we have with others is actually an opportunity for us to heal and accept those parts of ourselves.
    visualization - imagine and feel what you want as if it has already happened. If sad imagine your happy etc. The brain cannot tell the difference between what is vividly imagined and what is real. As you visualise the brain will then start to notice anything around you during your day which can move you toward that visualisation/goal. This is the part of the brain called the reticular activating system.
    to get out of depression - get out of yourself. Go help another! its magic!
    everyone in life thinks they dont want Problems. However without problems they wouldnt have a life. If i had never experienced panic and deppression I would not have grown, developed, found spirituality and met some of the most loving people in my life. I wouldnt have the skills and compassion I do now if it wasnt for this. Problems are what god gives us to sculpt our souls. We can then give back to others.

    Things to AVOID. This will help you!!
    binging on sugar and gaining weight = deppression
    casual sex - most people it wont help.
    blaming yourself or another. wont empower you.
    focusing on the past too much.
    focusing 95% of your mind on the problem
    watching fear based media and news
    putting pressure on yourself
    beating yourself up
    doing things again and again which dont help
    increasing debt
    Avoid isolation and emotional loneliness
    if you try something and it doesn't work. Dont beat yourself up. Just LEARN from it! move on. try a new approach

    good luck

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    Re: 5 year research results

    I like your call to communicate with angels. I often practice this too)

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    Re: 5 year research results

    Good list, thanks for this, Matt
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