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Thread: Ninja Bat Fear

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    Ninja Bat Fear

    Hey, everyone!

    Iíve been working on a bat/rabies fear since last summer, and while it had been going exceptionally well (thank God), I recently had a relapse and was hoping you kind souls could help me calm down. This is my first rabies panic of the summer (last year I started freaking out in early May, so) and I want to nip it in the bud before it becomes an obsession.

    Basically, the situation is that my husband found two little scans about 3mm apart on his inner arm the other day, and I have been worrying about a bat having been in our room while we were sleeping. (Based on the location of the bite, itís pretty much impossible for him to have been bitten while awake and not know it.) I searched the room and the rest of the apartment, which is pretty small (1 bed, 1 bath) and on the first floor, and didnít find a bat, dead or alive. I donít think thereís any way for a bat to come in, either: our bathroom vent is covered and the other vents are floor vents.

    But anyway, I canít shake the thought that there was a bat in our room, we didnít wake up, and it bit him and then got out without us ever seeing it. Dumb, right?

    If there was one in the bedroom, we would wake up, Iím assuming, or at least find it the next morning?

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    Re: Ninja Bat Fear

    What is the logical, realistic answer to your question?

    Positive thoughts
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    Re: Ninja Bat Fear

    I have had a similar fear lately as well. My thread is a few down from yours. I woke up with a sharp needle like feeling in the bottom of my foot. I had the pain on and off (mostly on) for about 7 days and then it finally passed. Not sure what it was.

    I didnít see any bite marks or anything but I was freaked out about a ninja bat as well. I shook pall clothes in the various closets we have, shook blinds, and rattled dressers to see if anything. Was behind them. You know what I found.......? Nothing. Now granted I am sure if a bat was in the house it could be hiding somewhere else but I also have my spouse and kids here and 2 cats and a dog. Over the past 2 weeks now someone else would have seen a bat flying around or my cats or dog would have been eating it by now or at least been agitated by it.

    I still get worried if I think about it but I push those negative, fantastical thoughts and rationalizations out of my head and keep on going. It is hard at times but in all honesty your situation, as well as mine, seem really silly if you really think about.

    Edited to say I am not trying to belittle your concerns. I go through the same thing at times. Just trying to show you how silly it is if you really stop and think.

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