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Thread: Cars Cars Cars

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    Re: Cars Cars Cars

    I had to look at my Punto this week because there was a problem but the Engine is such a sealed unit these days inside cars with engine management systems and the like, its much harder to just fix things these days and even things like an oil change is a problem because the EMS doesnt update unless you have the equipment to update it. I gave up in the end and got a Garage to look at the problem I had, think I've got a very small Sump leak.

    Also the Wife has a Tipo and I had to spend 720 on a paint job this last week because someone very nicely scraped right down our passenger side when we were in a car park and didnt leave a note that they had done it, the scratch was pretty substantial across 4 panels which is why I think it cost so much to get the scratch sorted and painted as on 2 of the door panels it was quite deep. Annoys me when people are dishonest like that and just drive off, they must have known they had done it.
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    Re: Cars Cars Cars

    Grrrr...I'm with you Mezz. Can't stand people like that. He'll get his one day.

    As for the oil change. I do my own. With my commuter I reset the oil sensor by holding the trip meter button down while simultaneously turning the key to on (without starting the car) and wait for the bars to blink to zero.

    On the pickup I turn the key to the on position (again without starting the car) and fully depress the gas pedal three times. A quick Google search should tell you how to do yours.

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    Re: Cars Cars Cars

    Please send it to Turkey

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