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    Feeling better 8 months after relapse.

    Hi, thought I'd post an update as haven't been on here for a while.
    Was taking ill last December having panic attacks and lots of physical symptoms of anxiety. By early January I had got a lot worse, to the point that I struggled to leave the house. I was signed off work and in a bad way. I started on sertraline and it took a good 12 weeks to start to improve. During that time the doc also perscribed me diazepam to take the edge off. I am now on propranolol aswell. Although I still have moments, they are slowly decreasing. I am also having cbt counselling but for me it's the medication that keeps me well. It has done so in the past. So keep fighting on everybody, you will get well. It does take time though.

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    Re: Feeling better 8 months after relapse.

    I am so glad that you are feeling better, could I ask what mg of sertraline are you on. I am currently taking 150mg for past 4 weeks ( 12 weeks on sert having cross tapered from clomipramine ), I am still feeling bad most days with low mood, quite severe anxiety and adrenaline rushes in my body and not wanting to be any place for too long. I am even anxious at home. I take 80mg propranolol - have you found that this helps you? I am struggling and could do with some encouragement. I haven't worked since christmas due to being so bad.

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