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Thread: Posting for the 1st time in ages

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    Posting for the 1st time in ages

    Hi Guys,

    Ive not felt the need to post in years but im struggling yet again. All the old symptoms are showing again like the palps, the anxiety and so on. I just thought I'd come back here and see whats going on and say Hi. Hope you are all well. Andy

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    Welcome to No More Panic!

    Hiya Fennizzle and welcome to NMP

    Why not take a look at our articles on our home page, they contain a wealth of information and
    are a great starting place for your time on the forum.

    I hope you find the as site helpful and informative as I have and that you get the help and
    support you need here and hope that you meet a few friends along the way
    Emmz xx

    nolite te basstardes carborundorum

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