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Thread: Rib discomfort

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    Rib discomfort

    So I'm back again, same issues as a few months ago, how can I be fine for months then have a week where I have Rob discomfort, sick feeling to my stomach, loose stools etc

    Why does it happen when I'm ill?

    It seems every time I have a virus, cold, etc I get a week of stomach issues and rib pain,

    I had a migraine the other day, ended up being sick and going to bed, next morning my stomach was like this again, no improvements since saturday, it is now Wednesday

    Surely this can't keep happening every time I become unwell

    It feels like a stabbing under the rib, almost as if something is under it.

    Every time I think I'm doing well, something happens

    - Hope your all as good as can be, stay strong.

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    Re: Rib discomfort

    Look up costochondritis.... Iíve been living with it for 5 years but am successfully finding treatment- mimics heart attack/ blood clots.. etc... 16 drs/ 15 tests...drs told me to stop working out and take Advil... did nothing. If this is what you think you have- I can offer some

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