hii iím nadia. and honestly i wouldnít think i would be in a situation that iím in right now. but i found out that i have derealization. so i smoked weed for the second or third time and i ended up having a panic attack. i felt as if i was gonna faint and i donít even know why. my two other friends claimed they felt fine it was so i knew it was just me. but then a couple of months after i smoked by myself and had another one. and i just feel as if thatís what triggered it all. two or three nights ago it gotten worse like i was fine before like i still had it but then it got worse and i donít even know why i didnít do anything to cause it. i just really need help because everything feels so dreamy, and not real and i would like to talk to someone about it. just to help me out.

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