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Thread: Starting Citalopram

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    Re: Starting Citalopram

    Day 34 and this week is a little more challenging with some big work projects going on, visitors in the house and knowing I have the house to myself for a couple of days. Yesterday on a site visit whilst waiting for a meeting the panic started to climb and I was hot and feeling sick, but started chatting to someone next to me and sipping water and got it back under control and had a good meeting on the end.

    Am very tired and the weather is dark and rainy and miserable so I know I am facing a lot, but I do know that I am dealing a lot better with things in general and holding onto that. Good times are coming back soon

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    Re: Starting Citalopram

    Of course you are going to feel a bit nervy, even without anxiety. The good thing is from this point it will improve as you've got over the first and hardest hurdle already. x

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    Re: Starting Citalopram

    I just wanted to pop on on say I think you are doing great. Your posts reminded me a bit when I started out on CIT. Although I was off work and barely living so I think you are amazing for how well you are coping with it all. Well done you. I'm having a blip at the moment but I am no where near the starting out process and reading through your thread has reminded me of that. So we'll done you you are doing great xx

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    Re: Starting Citalopram

    Thanks guys for the comments and support. I think the hardest thing at times is to acknowledge that anxiety/stress/nervousness are all part of life and are actually there to protect us and it is only when it gets out of control that we have problems. I suspect like most I was looking to feel nothing in the way of 'bad' emotions when I started the meds as I was so tired of feeling anxious all the time, but need to come around a little more now to see that if I get rid of those I am just aiming at being numb to happiness and all the other 'good' emotions.

    It isn't always easy to see and it is very tiring, but I am moving towards a balance and trying to re-learn that I am made up of all emotions and will feel them all.

    So onto day 39 - have had the in-laws now for 5 days, they head home tomorrow and had a couple of days without anyone at home. Met up with a friend each day to do something and was at work and mostly was fine. Couple of flashes, but not much more.

    Have noticed that I have trouble sleeping on a Sunday night and always some anxiety Monday morning when it is time to get up and go into work, but I was reminded that I have never been a Monday person anyway - a lot of my nervy periods are around transitioning from one place or routine to another. Work to home, home to work, home to holiday etc.

    I do have some peace of mind now to be able to see some of the specific things that cause me anxiety and the next step for me now is to reinstate and practice some long term CBT, Mindfulness and Meditation techniques back into my life.

    Wishing you all a positive day!

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