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Thread: Raised Anxiety after starting Ven

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    Re: Raised Anxiety after starting Ven

    Hi Macca, seeking your knowledge here. I had some really good days from last Monday to Friday. Was really chirpy, on the whole. Then yesterday afternoon and today, been feeling really shit, anxious and weepy. Now 4 and a half days in. Still got energy, did park run yesterday, ut had horrible nightmares last night! Had some family stress, so I think that could be the reason for the wobble.
    Also, do yo stick to the same brand of meds, and do you think it makes much of a difference?

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    Re: Raised Anxiety after starting Ven

    Macca, is it normal 4 and a half weeks in to be getting anxiety spikes here and there? Been feeling awful today and yesterday after several good days. Also had a horrible nightmare last night.

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    Re: Raised Anxiety after starting Ven

    Yes totally normal I had a bad day yesterday but have had a couple of good weeks. I think from time to time we will always get bad days no med is going to change that. I guess the key thing is I was able to get over it fairly quickly so today is ok. Im afraid I have had some horrendous nightmares but not for the last few days so I guess I will just need to put up with them. As far as the brand goes, well I don't even look who makes them so can't really comment all I can say is they are working especially at 150mg. Don't be too disappointed if your having a few crap days the meds can't make us happy everyday if they could I would be first in line to take them.

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