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    Panic attacks

    Hi , Iíve posted a while back about how I have anxiety / panic attacks . Iím on medication but it doesnít seem to worse . Lately Iíve gotten it into my head that Iíve ms over tingling / numbness and pain . And the more Iíve thought about it the last few days the more symptoms Iíve gotten and got worse . It feels like for a split second I canít move my arm or leg and now itís starting to affect my head where it feels like my head is stiff and I canít move it or lift it up . It got so had a while ago I ended up having a panic attack . My whole body was trembling Iíve never experienced this during a panic attack . Iím only 24 and have a little girl but I feel like my life is taken over by anxiety and panic 😔😔😔.. these feelings lately of numbness and pain make me think thereís something seriously wrong

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    Re: Panic attacks

    the flight or flight response causes a high rise of adrenaline which explains the tingling sensations and if you are worrying about specific parts of your body, your mind can trick you in to feeling odd sensations in which you become hypersensitive about changes and movement etc, a while ago when my anxiety was bad, i would take control of subconscious movements and think and obsesss about not being able to move, obviously was my anxiety playing tricks on me as the symptoms went after a few weeks when i found something else to be anxious about. have you tried CBT that helped me for a while. ATB

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    Re: Panic attacks

    If thinking about MS is making it worse, then you need to start practising not thinking about it, right?

    It's common for people with anxiety to focus on symptoms and start to believe something more sinister is going on, but once you start going down that road it becomes more and more difficult to come back.

    I would imagine you're using Google to self diagnose too, which is an absolute no no. You must never do that.

    Next time you start worrying about MS, just focus on your little girl or another distraction and tell yourself (out loud if necessary) this is just anxiety.

    Anxiety can cause virtually any symptom of any disease.

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    Re: Panic attacks



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