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    Hi all. I am a confirmed IBS sufferer for over 20 years. However about a year ago my symptoms carried on longer than they had done so before. The symptoms didnít change. But it dragged on for a year The dr said it was stress related to moving house and job. She sent me for full blood count. Celiac test and FOB test. All negative I was referred to a gastroenterologist anyway as I had intermittent bleeding. Which she attributed to my three haemerroids but did the right thing and referred me. I finally saw someone a month ago 18 months from the start of my flare up and by this time my symptoms had significantly reduced and he was happy with me. However he did one final test just to check for inflammation and he did the Calprotectin test which came back at 147. So he has booked me for a colonoscopy in 6 weeks. Itís such a long time away and my anxiety is steadily climbing. I keep telling myself that if it was anything sinister my symptoms would not have reduced. Or that my appointment would not be 6 weeks away. I now have to get through the whole of the summer holidays with this hanging over me.

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    Re: Colonoscopy

    You are exactly right they would not make you wait 6 weeks when I waited that long for mine they said it's just routine because everything else is ok it's just so they can say they have done everything ' I understand the anxiety waiting because it is a long time to wait I waited 6 weeks as well and I rung them twice to cancel it because I was in such a state with worry but they were really good on the phone they put my mind at rest I spoke to one of the nurses that goes in with you when you have it done and she said they can't be worried at all or they would of wanted it done quicker so try not to worry I'm sure you will be fine .

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    Re: Colonoscopy

    I know what your fear is and I can assure you as a survivor, if they thought something was amiss, you wouldn't be waiting 6 weeks.

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    Re: Colonoscopy


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    Re: Colonoscopy

    Thank you for your replies. Iím just going to have to try and put it out if my mind. I have lots planned and family visiting so I hope it can take my mind off things. I should have said that they did find me slightly aneamic. Which I have been for a few years.

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    Re: Colonoscopy

    Yes try and get on with things I let it ruin my life for 6 weeks while I was waiting wish I had known then what I know now ' you will be ok .

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    Re: Colonoscopy

    Quote Originally Posted by jackieann3 View Post
    Yes try and get on with things I let it ruin my life for 6 weeks while I was waiting wish I had known then what I know now ' you will be ok .
    Thank you.

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