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Thread: Colonoscopy

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    Re: Colonoscopy prep

    I think it's best to wait for the info/or call if they don't tell you what you can/can't eat. My Dad had a few colonoscopy in the past and there's been a few different sets of eating plans!

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    Re: Colonoscopy prep

    They should give you a list of what you can eat for 2 days and then nothing on the day before the colonoscopy,it's basically just a fibre free diet and light coloured food for the first 2 two days.

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    Colonoscopy result

    Hi had my colonoscopy yesterday because of mild anemia and slightly raised calprotectin. Everything looks normal. Dr said all looked good but took some biopsies to look for anything microscopic and he said he took them just because of the slightly raised calprotectin and not because anything looked dodgy. What does microscopic mean. Could it still be malignant.

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    Re: Colonoscopy result

    I think he was maybe referring to microscopic colitis?

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    Re: Colonoscopy result

    Yeah thatís what I thought too. Thank you.

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    Re: Colonoscopy result

    Hi Jules can I ask what other symptoms you had?

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    Re: Colonoscopy result

    I think taking biopsies is normal actually. I’ve always had them taken during any endoscopy...
    i think they are mainly looking for interesting bacteria and inflammation...

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    Re: Colonoscopy result

    Hi Lady123. I have mild aneamia. Calprotectin level 147. Various bowel problems such as diarrhoea after eating. Stomach bloating. Cramps. Some rectal bleeding which they diagnosed as piles.

    Thank you Jo. Thatís what I think they might have said regarding inflammation. She so no obvious inflammation but will check for microscopic inflammation. Itís a bit hazy as I had a sedative.

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    Re: Colonoscopy prep


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    Re: Colonoscopy

    Hi, as said about biopsies being taken is normal. They took 6 from me and all were normal

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