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    Re: Tremors when waking up ?

    I did actually think low blood Sugar too actually ! Is it possible to have low blood sugar for a year and a half without any diagnosis of why ? I have actually been showing a lot of signs of pcos and read that itís linked to low blood sugar and can cause it so many one explanation !

    Not to mention my nerves Are shot to pieces all the time with my health anxiety lol !!

    Thank you for the thoughts

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    Twitching how long did you have it ?

    Hi all

    Just wanted to know if anyone can shed some light on twitching as I am currently in a state still over it .

    Iíve had it for 17 months now and still canít shake the MND fear ! Itís awful . Has anyone had it this amount of time and any advise on how to stop worrying about it ?

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    Re: Twitching how long did you have it ?

    They're likely to be benign course fasciculations. I've had them for 25+ years and mine are related to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (neuro-immune/autoimmune condition)

    If you've had them for 17 months then this is a good sign it's nothing serious. Anxiety can also cause them and this is probably the main reason people get them. You could try some high strength magnesium which may help.

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    Re: Twitching how long did you have it ?

    Wow 25 years plus! Thanks wise monkey itís a relief to know that they can be benign and last that long without being serious .

    I donít know why I just canít understand that itís a good sign

    I have just bought magnesium hope it works . Also on vit d and folate as those are both extremely low

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    Re: Canít stop worrying about MND


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    It is nothing personal it is just to make it easier for people to follow your story and to give you advice as a whole.

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