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Thread: Travelling with GAD

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    Travelling with GAD


    First post here - at a point of desperation now so any help anyone can give is really appreciated.

    A bit of a backstory here - I suffered from diagnosed GAD about 6 years ago, had CBT and got it manageable to virtually the point of not noticing it up until the last year. I had a very stressful year, and realised that it had become a problem again when I went on a family holiday and could barely eat for the first 3 days because of my anxiety. I let it go, and hoped it would improve over the coming year, however it has just gotten worse, worsening really quickly over the last couple of months - I've had to miss university open days now because I just haven't been able to face the anxiety the travelling and distance causes. I went to my GP about 3 weeks ago, currently waiting for a referral to the mental health services. At the moment I'm not 100% sure where my anxiety is from; I believe it is GAD, however it also has elements of emetophobia and agoraphobia strongly linked into it - I get anxiety on a day to day basis, but it peaks when I am in situations where I feel I may be sick and cannot get out (and home) quickly if I were to be sick. This means I frequently make myself sick, just by being anxious and having panic attacks.

    I'm now at a point where in little over two weeks I'm flying off to Nepal on a volunteering trip. I signed up last year, before my anxiety had worsened this much, and I have no clue how I'm going to cope. I don't even know specifically what I'm anxious about as I know the notion of me being sick is absolutely ridiculous. I can't cancel the trip on my travel insurance, but nor do I want to as I know this trip is really important to me and that I would regret it unbelievably if I didn't go.

    Has anyone got any tips I can take with me for when I can't eat, feel trapped and as if I am going to be sick?? I'm really desperate and can't bear with the idea of my anxiety holding me back once more, for such a big thing this time.

    PS apologies if this post isn't in the right place - to me it seems my GAD is the most overlapping issue so it fits best here.


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    Re: Travelling with GAD

    Sorry for what you're going through, and good for you for not cancelling your upcoming trip. I don't have any real advice for you except to stay positive, keep accepting that the anxiety may rear it's ugly head during the trip but that you can and will let it pass and come out on the other side. Acceptance is a big part of dealing with anxiety and it looks like you are doing well with that part.

    Regarding eating and fear of being sick, find a food that you absolutely can munch on that doesn't cause you to vomit. Maybe some healthy crackers? Also, there are lots of items that you can buy to help with nausea, there are little vials that you can sniff, there are things you can put on your wrist, and there are tummy drops that look like hard candies that ease your nausea. I take all that with me on flights. And if you try a tummy drop and see that it does help the nausea, then you will be confident going on the trip knowing you have a bagful of those with you at all times.

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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