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Thread: Cramps every morning :(

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    Re: Cramps every morning :(

    tThat sounds rough :/ and consistent! I've calmed down LOTS these days as I'm bunged up but know that its dangerous as Im not getting the poisons out of my body. Thankfully my ibs-c isnt ever accompanied by cramps/bloating, but thats probably cos I eat like a mouse in general. Yesterday I went all out and ate a few naughty things but still no gas or d* as of yet. Due on in a couple of days though which is gonna ruin all the fun of feeling normal :( ughhhh

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    Re: Cramps every morning :(

    Iím always bunged up before I come on, I think a lot of people find the same.

    Constipation actually doesnít get dangerous for quite a while, uncomfortable yes, but damaging no. Perhaps try a softener if things donít start happening, Iím pretty much living on one at the moment!

    Honestly itís not terrible at all, itís just one of those things! I just accept it and move on, it can only be something that gets me down if I let it. Frankly most of the time itís almost funny, admittedly that might be because my husband and I are immature and thoroughly enjoy toilet humour... but it gets us through the day!

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