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Thread: Sore throat as ONLY symptom

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    Sore throat as ONLY symptom

    Hi everyone,

    Feeling really nervous. I've had a sore throat for the last 3-4 days. It's on the left side only and it is very painful when swallowing.

    What I am nervous about is that this is my ONLY symptom. I otherwise feel fine.

    I wouldn't be worrying myself if I had a runny hose, headache, congestion etc. as I would just put it down to a bug / the common cold. But is it likely to be more sinister if it is JUST a sore throat?

    So grateful for any advice or reassurance.

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    Re: Sore throat as ONLY symptom

    Nothing sinister about a sore throat on its own at all.

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    Re: Sore throat as ONLY symptom

    Quote Originally Posted by nomorepanic View Post
    Nothing sinister about a sore throat on its own at all.
    thank you, my sore throat has now gone and literally the second it went I got a tickly cough and chest congestion. Do you think this is just a garden variety viral infection or potentially something serious I should get checked out? Still no other symptoms like a fever, nasal congestion, headache etc.

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    Re: Sore throat as ONLY symptom

    Frankly, it sounds like a viral thing. If you start running a fever, then yeah, but otherwise, OTC meds, fluids and bed rest.

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