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Thread: Blood spots/petechiae

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    Blood spots/petechiae

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced unexplained petechiae and it wasnít anything serious?

    I just got back from a week in Spain and the tops of both my thighs (almost symmetrical) and scattered across my abdomen I have quite a fair few blood spots. They arenít bright red. Quite worried as whenever you google, blood cancer automatically comes up! I did have very slight sunburn and also due to cramps had a hot wheat bag over my stomach the day before I noticed these spots but I canít help but feel itís unrelated.

    Iím 23 and otherwise healthy other than undergoing tests for Endometriosis. Canít get a GP appointment for 2 weeks so just wanted to hear if anyone had similar.


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    Re: Blood spots/petechiae

    Yep, I often get them; I used to worry about them but the vast, vast majority of the time they're absolutely nothing.

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    Re: Blood spots/petechiae

    Thanks for your reply! I am a classic worrier so anything new freaks me out! Just quite frightening how many have appeared what feels like out of nowhere

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    Re: Blood spots/petechiae

    Yeah, I get that every now and again. It might have been the heat or friction of the wheat bag, maybe?

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