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    Constipation ongoing for three weeks, really scared!

    Hi all!

    I'm currently worried because I've not been able to pass a proper stool in around 3 weeks (apart from one huge one, sorry TMI, last Saturday) I don't even feel like I need to go, it just feels like there's nothing there. Sometimes when I need to pass gas, I have to really make an effort to get it out It doesn't just pass easily. So of course I'm worrying that I've got a bowel obstruction.

    I've had intermittent anal itching and a bit of soreness that's now gone (I think!) and sometimes there seems to be a watery fluid coming from my bottom (although it could be sweat in this heat) I've not really had any stomach pain or felt sick/nauseous.

    I'm sorry, this whole post is so gross. Any ideas?

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    Re: Constipation ongoing for three weeks, really scared!

    Honestly, with these timeframes it couldn't hurt to go have a chat with your GP.

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    Re: Constipation ongoing for three weeks, really scared!

    Did you have any luck?

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    Re: Constipation ongoing for three weeks, really scared!

    I doubt it's an obstruction because they usually cause severe pain but yeah check with your GP, the least they could do is prescribe you with some laxatives and diagnose you with IBS

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    Re: Constipation ongoing for three weeks, really scared!

    Being that this thread is several weeks old, I have to assume things returned to normal. Things like this happen and as you get older, it becomes more probable (I speak from experience). As opposed to going to the GP, if it persists or becomes an issue in the future, I would try some natural and OTC methods. You don't need a doctor for prunes or a daily dose of MiraLax

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