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    This year I have found myself picking up on how attractive women are. I look at them and think "wow, you're beautiful!" now I've always had these thoughts and have always gladly expressed them. In the past this has never been sexual, purely appreciation I suppose. However, more recently I've had more thoughts crossing my mind on whether I could ever actually see myself being sexual/ intimate with a woman, or if I could love one. This has given me major anxiety, to the point where I feel my stomach drop and have a full on anxiety attack. I think that I am having this reaction as I have always been so set on my sexuality ( heterosexual) and I feel as though this is a threat to me, my identity etc. I don't want to be with a woman in any way other than friendship, I just wish that these thoughts would go away and not make me think there could be something more in it.

    I want to make it very clear that I have nothing against people who are gay. I have many people in my life who I love that are gay and I have never had an issue with it.

    I suppose I am just looking for other people's experiences and opinions on this at this point

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    Re: HOCD?

    Anyone? Still struggling with this and haven't been able to speak to anyone about it!

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    Re: HOCD?

    Alice, there is a really good thread here by someone who has been through HOCD but is also bi. She talks about the differences between this OCD theme and sexuality. Maybe it will help answer some of your questions?
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    Re: HOCD?

    I'm male but got HOCD when i first hit puberty, it was my first run in with OCD in general, and it was terrifying, especially with all the hormones running through my body, It's been well over 10 years, I have only ever been with women and I have a gf og 6 years but I still get HOCD thoughts, but I learned to live with them, I calm myself down by telling myself it's just my OCD. I had similar thoughts about the same gender as you, originally not sexual but then kind of sexual... maybe? but I realise sexuality is a spectrum. The thing was I wasn't afraid of being gay or bi, but then my HOCD would tell me how life ruining it would be and i'd panic.

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