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    Anyone feeling panicky with this current heat?

    I usually struggle to cope with heat and humidity - anything approaching 30 degrees makes me feel lousy. When I saw the temperature in London is set to climb to around 36 degrees I started to feel panicky. Luckily I am on leave from work this week so don't have to cope with an non-air conditioned office in central London, but even so the heat to date is sapping the life out of me and making me feel nauseous.

    Following all the sensible advice - drinking sufficient fluids, closing windows and curtains at back of my flat where the sun sits, not going out of the house until after sun has gone down etc, but still feeling wretched at the thought of the excessive heat on its way on Thursday.

    Anyone else feel like this in hot humid weather? What do you do to take your mind off it?

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    Re: Anyone feeling panicky with this current heat?

    I get nervy in the heat, too, and it's horrible, not least because I really cannot stand having sticky hands. Luckily I only work part-time over summer, but my office is a complete suntrap. Capping it all off, I've had non-melanoma skin cancer in the past, at a much younger age than normal.

    Lukewarm showers (not cold) help me immensely, as well as wearing lightweight cotton clothes and changing them regularly. I also find it helps with the anxiety to retreat to bed with a podcast.

    I'm dreading Thursday, too.

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    Re: Anyone feeling panicky with this current heat?

    Yeah there are threads about it every year pretty much.

    It might be worth taking some electrolytes if you're drinking a lot of water, you can flush them out pretty fast if you're drinking too much 'normal' water and that can make you feel weird too.

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    Re: Anyone feeling panicky with this current heat?

    A lack of sleep and humidity from the heat tends to trigger my anxiety episodes and it takes me days to bring myself back to earth but Im strangely glad that im not the only one who gets an episode from the weather

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