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    Raised basophil

    Hi, bit of a long one. Last year I had really bad health anxiety. I was convinced My glands in My neck were swollen and started thinking the worst. Dr reassured me that they were fine but sent me for a blood test. Blood test came back as slightly elevated platelets. A month later I had a repeat, platelets back to normal but slightly raised basophil. She said I might of had an infection or something but not to worry. I said at the time of My second blood test I had a cold sore. Didnít think anymore of it and health anxiety seemed to get a bit better. Fast forward a year and My health anxiety is sky high again. I went to the Drís last week about something and whilst there I mentioned about the blood results from last year. She said to repeat to see how things are. Iím so scared something bad is going to show up! My throat feels all tight like it did last year. Just canít relax and stop thinking about the results.
    Thanks for reading and for any replies. X
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    Re: Raised basophil

    Those are inflammation markers. You had some swollen glands and then a cold sore... Cause = Effect. "Told Ya So Gang" on standby...

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    Re: Raised basophil

    Thank you for your reply. I did the worse thing and googled what it could mean when I got the results last year!! And now where I have been thinking about it again started googling which I know I shouldnít do!!!! Thanks!

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