Hello I am looking for some advise here.

Currently I live in a rabbithole of throat cancer anxiety. I have had HA for a long time but id did not consume me this mich for a long time. Can anyone advise me? I will explain as brief as possible.

Last year I got sheekbone strain and mild dental issues. Went to the dentist but no problems found. My wisdom teeth are present but don’t seem to grow anymore. That was my first estimated problem.

So time went on getting mild problems and a stiff cheek once in a while. The dentist expected more like a stress muscle or jaw problem.

Now a year later I still have this mild strain on and of and also this electric woosh in my ear or head. Might also be anxiety related the doctor said. I do feel stretching in my jaw and ear when I open or close my mouth.

Beginning of this year I got this globus feeling and tightning throat sensation but no swallowing problems really. After 3 months I went to the throath specialist and he scoped my throat. Nothing there just a little irritation from stomach acid. Taking pills for that and in 2 weeks I have another follow up planned.
He mentioned hyperventilation and tension for the jaw and tinitus.

Last saturday a friend of my parents explained carefully he has throat cancer. Serious stuff. It was his doctors fault by not seeing it or taking him seriously.
He explained me that he had been to the dentist for his tooth ache without cause. He had earpain he had neck pain, tight throat. I tell him my story and he says “get a scan it started with me that way”.

Some HA sufferers might know how I felt from then on I guess. Even I fight this tought of the cancer thing. I can’t seem to win.

Now i have this mild tooth sensation, stiff jaw, muscle strain in my neck, ringing ear, tensed face and a sore muscle that pulls from my neck to behind my ear. I am constantly palping to feel any lumps or whatever.

Should I be really alarmed or can all of this be caused by anxiety altough I am not in that state I feel. It is more excessive worry.

Tis is also very consuming because it lasts for nearly a year now.

Is there anyone that can help me ease my mind in some way?

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